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Thematic monograph | Artist's book

Text: Jean-Christophe Bailly | Graphic design: Kaiserin Studio

French, German and English
ISBN 978-2-9539867-2-3
Hardcover, 160 x 220 mm
2 volumes | 76 + 44 pages
Images 24 color + 34 b/w
Edition (1st printing): 500 copies
Publication date: March 14, 2013

Press Release (.pdf file)

Guillaume Greff was born in 1977 in Sarreguemines, in Lorraine. He lives and works in Paris and Sarralbe (Moselle). After his Master's degree in Fine Arts in 2005, he pursued his research on landscapes and architectural shapes. In 2011, the Centre national des arts plastiques granted him a fellowship for "contemporary documentary photographic creation", for his Dead Cities project. In 2012, he received the cross-border grant Regards sans limites (Limitless Gazes) for a project on the Rhine.

Copyright © KAISERIN EDITIONS, 2013

"Neutralize" is a word regularly used to describe the action of armed forces overcoming their adversary in a conflict. Yet this action – whether in an actual war or in the context of some form of repression – can occur anywhere: its very principle involves a polymorphous and changing theatre of operations, unlimited both de jure and de facto. However, the idea emerged that this theatre had recurring forms and that there therefore must be a kind of ideal scene of neutralization and of the exercise of force. It ensues that one could build, for training purposes, a spatial model able to effectively reproduce the setting or the décor of the most frequently conducted actions. While the countryside and undeveloped areas used to – for the most part – do the job, the omnipresence of urban reality (including in modern-day conflict) has led to the creation of cities or fragments of cities that are like life-size models of the theatre of operations: the ideal city, one may say, from the perspective of the police or the army.

Jean-Christophe Bailly, "The neutralized city" in Guillaume Greff, Dead Cities, (Volume I, Jeoffrécourt, pp.62-63) Paris, KAISERIN EDITIONS, 2013.

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